Where to Park and Sleep in Vanlife

When it comes to living the vanlife dream, a vital question may be on your mind… where should I park and sleep? Luckily, we have assembled years of community experience on a mobile platform to help you find your way in the outdoors: Sēkr!

With our app in hand, use these tips to find your next home for the night.


Every good adventure begins with a destination, but when it comes to outdoor travel, where do you start? We say, start on Sēkr!

Browse any area of interest and get first-hand accounts, reviews and photos from your fellow vanlife community!

Access everything you need to know about about the destination, from lodgings and vehicle restrictions to amenities and cell reception (very important)—all using The Vanlife App!

Simply log on, click the explore tab and utilize our filters key to narrow down your search and find the destination you’ve been dreaming of!


Whether you’re looking for a safe place to park your rig overnight, a wilderness destination that only your wildest dreams could imagine, or the amenities that only a CampShare could offer—we’ve made it easy on you using Sēkr! Just familiarize yourself with our explore filters.

Overnight Parking: typically limited to singular overnight stays in rest areas and designated parking.

Campgrounds: often offers full hookup services, facilities and sometimes tent sites.

Dispersed Camping: camping on undeveloped campsites and state land.

CampShare: private property campsites that range from free overnight parking to resort-style lodgings.

So whether you’re looking for your next dreamy destination, a simple place to park or a way to make some extra money—we’ve got you’re greatest needs covered on Sēkr

And remember, no matter where you park for the night, respect your neighbors (both people and wildlife) and leave it better than you found it.

Find Campsites Nearby Using Sēkr

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