What we're about

Sēkr is here to empower and inspire your outdoor travel by offering campsites, resources, and amenities on one, easy-to-use map. We keep the community at the forefront of everything we do; offering members tips, tools, and resources to fuel their sense of adventure.

Whether you want a weekend getaway close to home, to plan the most epic national parks trip of your life, to find the best wifi while working from your van, or want to pack the family up in your RV for your next vacation – Sēkr has you covered with the largest database of campsites available.

Our passion for the outdoors intersects with our love of collaboration and connection through our social features. Sēkr offers members an events calendar of festivals, campouts, caravans, and MORE – helping you meet your new camping bestie or to discover your next favorite hobby!

Whatever you’re seeking outdoors, Sēkr is here for you.

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