7 Must-See Roadside Attractions on the East Coast


If your road trip is taking you through the eastern seaboard, you’re in luck! Some of the most instagrammable (and quirkiest!) roadside attractions in the U.S. are found from Maine to Florida.

To help you plan your stops, here are our picks for must-see roadside attractions on the East Coast.


American Classic Arcade

Laconia, NH

From pre-electricity pinball to bouncy Q*bert, you’ll find all your favorites at the American Classic Arcade. This museum/arcade is filled with video game history and arcade facts. 

Even better? It houses over 250 classic arcade games! You’ll relive your childhood, one token at a time. 

Ready, player one?


Lucy the Elephant

Margate, NJ

Looking for a larger-than-life roadside attraction? Check out Lucy the Elephant, a six-story beauty whose 1881 “birthday” earned her a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The climb through Lucy exits at her riding carriage for stunning 360 views that include the Atlantic Ocean. How often can you tell your friends you’ve been inside an elephant?

Fun Fact: Lucy gets her toenails painted every year for her birthday!


White, GA

Old Car City

Exiting your car, for more cars? Only if you stop at Old Car City, one of the top roadside attractions on the East Coast for lovers of classic cars and photography. 

One of the world’s largest car junkyards, it’s filled with classic cars, trucks, vans, and even the odd school bus or two. Don’t forget your camera; Old Car City is one giant  photo opp.


Paper House

Rockport, MA

Nearly 100 years ago, a local engineer decided  paper would provide effective insulation and built the Paper House. Its walls are made of layers of newspaper and glue, varnished to be waterproof. 

Head inside for a peek at the paper-covered piano and even furniture pieces made entirely of newspaper.


Secret Caverns

Howes Cave, NY

Not even Mother Nature can resist the lure of roadside attractions! This privately owned cave is filled with unsullied examples of nature in its prehistoric glory. Think stalagmites, stalactites, and layers of limestone. 

The highlight? Descend the petrified stairs to view the spectacular 100-foot underwater waterfall.

Pro Tip: The caverns hover at a year-round 50°F, so bring a jacket.


Weeki Wachee Springs

Weeki Wachee, FL

This family-friendly attraction is home to the deepest freshwater cave system in the U.S. and… mermaids. The mythical creatures play the starring role in Weeki Wachee’s underwater theatre show. 

The cool springs also offer hours of water fun: kayaking, snorkeling, tubing, or just splashing around. It’s a refreshing break for any road tripper!


Wild Blueberry Land

Columbia Falls, ME

The giant indigo domes give it away… You’ve reached Wild Blueberry Land, a family-owned celebration of the state’s favorite fruit. And those giant blueberries house a museum, gift shop, and restaurant/bakery. 

After touring the farm and museum first, satisfy your blueberry cravings with homemade pies, pastries, ice cream, breads, jams, and other treats. 

On your next East Coast road trip, plan your rest stops at these roadside attractions. From sweet blueberries to climbing up an elephant, they’re all worth a little detour!

Secret Caverns

Weeki Wachee Springs

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