5 Best Holiday Recipes to Make This Winter

The holidays are a great time to get together with your family and friends and share a great meal together.  But many recipes can be complicated, have a number of special ingredients and take a long time to prepare and cook. MONTyBOCA recipes are created to be straightforward for any level of cooking experience. All recipes are ready in 30 min or less and require 10 ingredients or less.

Below we have a few tasty options for a full spread that is sure to wow your crew and provide some lasting memories. They also can be stand alone dishes or mixed and matched for your perfect combination.

Boca Spiced Nuts

Trail mix or some kind of nuts are probably in your pantry right now. I like to toast them up quickly and add a few spices to elevate the boring handful into something super snackable.

Turkey Day Stuffing Bowl

This one pot recipe is an absolute classic. It’s also very friendly on the wallet, easy to provision for and customizable based on your dietary restriction and perfect holiday plate. Check out this video for a  visual how-to.

Sesame Green Beans w/ Mushroom Rice Bowl

This recipe can be a side dish or stand alone meal.  I love it for it’s different flavor and easy preparation.  Try it in your rig or on the trail!


-while on the road, search for an Asian grocery store.  They have an amazing amount of cheap, tasty and packable ingredients including dried shiitake mushrooms, all the shapes and sizes of noodles plus some economical produce. 

Cranberry Orange Crisp

If you have a handful of Craisins, 2 small oranges and some granola you can make a fast, warm and delicious dessert in just a few minutes.  Top it with some vanilla greek yogurt and you’re set!

Trail Sangria

Don’t forget drinks!  Did you know a bottle of wine fits in a standard Nalgene bottle just about perfectly!? Throw in a chopped apple, a small orange, a couple strawberries or a handful of dried fruit.  Let it sit for a couple hours and you’re ready to cheers at the Trailgate!

BONUS: Trailgate Recipe

Yes, I said TRAILgate. Who doesn’t love dip! Whip up this shareable, snackable Bacon Brie Dip and you’ll be the hero of the trip. I DIP, YOU DIP, WE DIP.


-Chef Corso

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